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Parker Monaco 110
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   The 33 footer, Parker Monaco 110 is the first of a new series of Sporty outboard boats from PARKER Boats in collaboration with Tony Castro Design.  

  This design combines the spacious layout of a cruiser with the latest outboard designs. These outboards are now very efficient and great value-for-money delivering performance and light weight compared with inboard engines. Raising the outboards allows the props and legs to be clear of the water avoiding the need to antifoul them and spending less time immersed in salt water. This should help enormously with lower cost maintenance.

   A novel and uniquely designed sunbed covers the outboards motors, which lowers the noise levels for the passengers. The seat/sunbed can slide aft increasing the cockpit area, and forward when you need to tilt the engines up.  

The interior offers an equivalent layout to any classic inboard boat and arguably better in many respects. It has 2 good cabins and a bathroom with separate full size shower. On the main deck a large seating area and Galley with a drinks cooler fridge accessible from the cockpit . Lighting plays an important part in creating the right ambiance to make life easy and enjoyable.  

   The boat is equipped with both a glass sliding roof and another sliding canvas skylight over the cockpit area.  

   Other notable features are the helm door, usually seen on bigger boats and the rare topside door for easy boarding onto the boat from a marina berth.  

   A wide range of outboard engines is available, typically a pair of 150HP or 300Hp for sparkling speeds and a comprehensive list of additional equipment. Overall a very sleek modern design, practical and functional for a price that will surprise and delight you.

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Ausgezeichnet mit dem Best of Boats Award 2018
in der Kategorie Best for family

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223.125 € (UVP) (Ohne Engine)
Boot + Ohne Engine --- 223.125 € (UVP)
Boot + 2 x 150 PS Engine --- 252.214 € (UVP)
Boot + 2 x 200 PS Engine --- 262.527 € (UVP)
Boot + 2 x 250 PS Engine --- 269.932 € (UVP)
Boot + 2 x 300 PS Engine --- 274.956 € (UVP)
Boot + 2 x 350 PS Engine --- 281.171 € (UVP)

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Technische Daten
Länge 11.2 m
Breite 3.62 m
Gewicht ca. 5900 kg
Tiefgang 0.80 m
max. Personenzahl 10
max. Motorisierung 2 x 400 HP / 2 x 294.19 kW
CE-Kategorie B
Treibstofftank 700 Liter
Frischwassertank 200 Liter
Fäkalientank 40 Liter
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