Typ-Gruppe: Pilothouse
Parker 660 Pilothouse
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 The Parker 660 has been designed for  fishing but with two objectives in mind: to get quickly to a given place safe and to accommodate on board a reasonable size fishing group. The ‘V’-shaped hull of Parker 660 Pilothouse works particularly well at sea and gives an exceptionally stable and dry ride at speed even in difficult conditions. The Parker 660 Pilothouse is the only one in its range to be approved Category B (RCD). The boat can reach speeds of 35 knots with a 150 HP engine. The Parker 660 Pilothouse is perfect for fishing trips with friends. The movement around the cabin is easy and safe with its high sides and numerous handrails and grab handles. There is ample storage space for bait, other fishing equipment and  special storage tunnels for the rods The standard equipment includes a deck shower to wash down the deck after a successful fishing trip, port and starboard rod holders, aft deck light. For optimal fishing comfort an outside steering position can be installed on the open deck. There can also be a table and chairs and a Bimini roof that will allow you to comfortably enjoy your boat while relaxing. The Parker 660 Pilothouse offers an original design, optimal comfort and high-quality equipment for even more pleasant cruising trips with family and friends.

34.668 € (UVP) (Ohne Engine)
Boot + Ohne Engine --- 34.668 € (UVP)
Boot + 115 PS Engine --- 49.540 € (UVP)
Boot + 150 PS Engine --- 53.085 € (UVP)
Boot + 150 PS Engine --- 57.035 € (UVP)

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Technische Daten
Länge 6.45 m
Breite 2.55 m
Gewicht ca. 1500 kg
Tiefgang 0.36 m
max. Personenzahl 5/7
max. Motorisierung 200 PS kW
CE-Kategorie B/C
Treibstofftank 140 Liter
Frischwassertank 40 Liter
Fäkalientank 40 (opt.) Liter
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